We love home

Home is our space in the world, it's where we take off from and where we return to. It's where we make sense of it all -- sort the day or let go of it. It's where we gather our friends, our family, it's where we listen to the song that no one else likes…on repeat.

Our Story

This started as an art project – taking simple shapes and the sense of place found in travel and using them to create fabric. Before long demand outgrew the studio so we became a company. And when we couldn’t find a factory that could make our products the way we wanted we built our own. We remain dedicated to the handmade, the personal, and an artist love of process and craft.

The difference is in the details

We make textiles for the home using the hands-on processes of block-printing, quilting and weaving. These time honored techniques allow us create unique individual pieces that feel good and age gracefully.

About Caroline

I think this is where I am supposed to say I love making things, I went to RISD, I’m obsessed with quality and I am a painter. It's all true. Well, if you really want to hear about it, I love cozy. No, seriously, I love it. It's that sense of peace, that grounding, that enables adventure. There is something about getting one’s corner right that makes every other place more comfortable. Dolly Parton said “home is where you hang your hair.” As a Memphis native, I would never disagree with Dolly, however I would expand it to say, home is where you are.

Meet The Team

Stephanie Chaplin

Chief Operating Officer

Carolina Jimenez

Creative Director

Charles Reinhardt